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SIP Calculator – Systematic Investment Plan Calculator

SIPs and mutual funds are the same? No they’re not! Well that’s what most of the prospective investors think, but, there is actually a difference. SIPs are just a method of investing into mutual funds (MFs). With Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is a process of investing a fixed sum of money in mutual funds at regular intervals. SIPs enables you to invest weekly, quarterly, or monthly in mutual funds. With SIP calculator tool you can determine the returns you can benefit from when parking your funds in such investment tools.

What exactly this SIP Calculator is?

SIP investments in mutual funds is indeed a very popular investment option for millennials these days. A SIP Calculator is a simple tool that enables individuals to find out about their profits earned on their mutual fund investments made through SIP.

Potential investors can review and estimate their mutual fund investments with help of these mutual fund SIP calculators. However, there are various factors on which the actual returns offered by a mutual fund scheme depends. Because SIP calculators does not provide clarification for the exit load and expense ratio (if any).

The wealth gain and expected returns for your monthly SIP investment can be calculated with this SIP calculator. Without a doubt, you get a good guess on the development sum for any of your month to month SIP, in light of a projected yearly return rate.

How could a SIP Calculator help you?

Several mutual fund experts have claimed that SIPs are a more rewarding method of effective money management compared to a lump sum amount. With SIPs you can become financially disciplined and create a habit of reserve funds that can help you later on.

With the help of SIP Calculator tool you can show the estimated returns you will procure after the investment period.

Here are some of the benefits of SIP Calculator listed below: -

  • You can determine the amount that you should invest in.
  • Shows the total amount you have invested.
  • You can have an approx idea of the value of the returns.

How do SIP Calculator function?

SIP plan calculator is based on the following formula: -

M = P × ({[1 + i]n – 1} / i) × (1 + i).

Here: –

  • M is the amount you receive upon maturity.
  • P is the amount you invest at regular intervals.
  • n is the number of payments you have made.
  • i is the periodic rate of interest.

The rate of interest on a SIP will vary in contrast with the pre market conditions. It might increase or decrease, which will change the estimated returns.

How FlipItMoney's systematic investment plan calculator will work for you?

You only require a few clicks to use FlipItMoney’s SIP amount calculator. Simply enter the monthly invested amount (it is that amount by which you have started the SIP), the number of years for which you want to stay invested, and the expected rate of return. The calculator will run as soon as will enter the value to show you the estimated amount you can avail after the tenure of your investment is over.

Benefits of using FlipItMoney systematic investment plan calculator

FlipItMoney’s SIP calculator comes with following benefits: -

  • You can plan your investment on the basis of the amount and tenure.
  • It allows you to estimate the total value of investments once your SIP tenure is over.
  • FlipitMoney’s SIP calculator shows the accurate results.
  • It saves your time from doing a manual calculation.

FlipItMoney’s SIP Calculator ensures that your savings portfolio is as per your requirements and financial needs.

SIP Calculator - FAQs

The minimum amount that you can start investing in an SIP is Rs. 500 per month and there is no limit to the maximum amount you want to invest.
You can invest as long as you can as there is no maximum tenure of a SIP. But yes, there is a minimum tenure of 3 years.
People generally consider SIP and mutual funds similar. But, the truth is that SIP is just a style of investment and not an asset/scheme or a stock/investment plan. It is an investment vehicle to invest occasionally in an asset/scheme of your choice.
Sure, you can! You can check your returns with SIP investment calculator anytime and increase or decrease the SIP amount

SIPs are available in the market in different types such as -

  • Step-up or top-up SIP: This SIP type allos you to raise the value of investment automatically at specified intervals at a particular amount or percentage.
  • Perpetual SIP: A perpetual SIP don’t have any end date and let’s you to keep investing as long as you wish.
  • Trigger SIP: A trigger SIP allows you start investing during a specific index level, NAV, date, or event.
  • Flexible SIP: This one is flexible where you can change the amount that you are investing as per your preference.

No. There is option to invest in debt and hybrid mutual funds through SIP.

Obviously! You can renew a SIP automatically. Companies also give you the option to cancel this auto-renew feature.
Yes, mutual fund companies also provide the option of pausing your SIP investments up for a specified period.
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